-  Hydraulic Cylinder Service and Design -

- Marine salvage engineers
- Mobile crane hire
- Tunneling machinery manufacturer
- Ship loading equipment
- Sub-sea cable laying contractor
- Industrial scrap metal baling machinery
- Mobile quarry equipment manufacturer
- Mobile crane repair workshop
- Industrial scrap metal baling press manufacturer
- Offshore oilrig pipe handling designer
- Railway track laying equipment operator
- Sub-sea pipe welding contractor
- Submarine maintenance workshop
- Specialist hydraulic press manufacturer
- Waste compaction equipment manufacturer

- Static rock quarrying equipment manufacturer
- Armoured vehicle repair workshop (army)
- Shipboard lifting equipment operator (navy)
- Shipboard lifting equipment operator (oilfield support)
- Offshore oilrig crane operators
- Quarrying contractors
- Scrap metal processors
- Ships stabiliser and steering equipment manufacturer
- Harbour dredging equipment operators
- Dredging equipment manufacturers
- Mobile construction plant manufacturer
- Industrial plant installation engineers
- Industrial heavy hydraulic press operators
- Railtrack laying equipment manufacturer
- Dock & Harbour Authorities 


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